Friday, March 11, 2011


Don't get me wrong, I love those who get around on economically and environmentally friendly vehicles, but at least obey the traffic stop signs!  A skateboarder almost made a hood ornament on my Nissan Sentra yesterday because they were on the road and blew right threw the stop sign!  I told them there was a stop sign for them when they were complaining about our close encounter and they simply replied, "pedestrians bro."  Are you kidding me!?  Maybe if you use Wikipedia as your standby source or live in California, but defines it as:

pe·des·tri·an  [puh-des-tree-uhn]

a person who goes or travels on foot; walker.
going or performed on foot; walking.
of or pertaining to walking.
lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.; commonplace; prosaic or dull: a pedestrian commencement speech.

Whatever source you use to define "pedestrian," I'd say if your on wheels and don't want to get hit on the road, you better stop when the sign says "STOP."   

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