Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jumpin Through Hoops

buying a house is a pretty big deal and it is not very easy to get pre-approved. i'm hoping this is the worse part because it seems like me and the bank are going back and forth on things I need to do. I'll do what they want and then they want something else. hopefully this will be done soon.

a couple of lessons I learned today were never give up on somebody. no matter how bad you got it, somebody's got it worse.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Real World

I suppose you could say I am officially in the real world. That is, I'm finished with high school, I have a college education, and now I have to enter the work force full time. Kayla and I decided to stay in Arkansas and work with Four Mile Hill church of Christ. They have hired me to be a full time minister while Kayla took a job at the Pangburn public school district teaching 6th grade math and reading. One of the main benefits of staying in this area is that I will be able to pursue a masters degree in Bible and religion at a church of Christ based institution. I am thoroughly looking forward to our future.

happy anniversary to and erin!