Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unintentional Pregnancy

It seems very counter intuitive to talk about an unintentional pregnancy with one exception, rape victims.  If a female is raped and gets pregnant as a result, obviously that is an unintentional pregnancy.  All other pregnancies cannot be intelligently described as "unintentional."  Here is a basic lesson that pro-choice advocates have seemed to overlook, pregnancy occurs by sex between a man and a woman.  If people have sex knowing that pregnancy is the natural outcome, they cannot really say that a resulting pregnancy was unintentional.  Call me old fashioned, but if you are not prepared for the possibility of having a child, then you should not be having sex. 
With the one exception mentioned above, all other "unintentional pregnancies" come down to irresponsibility.  Because of this irresponsibility, our nation decides to make it legal to have abortions in order to make up for those irresponsible actions.  I was taught growing up to take responsibility for my actions and abortion is just the opposite of that.  Abortion is literally killing the responsibility that is yours based on the decision you made.  Do not talk to me about unintentional pregnancies when you know good and well the natural outcome of sex.  Sex is a good thing and children are a blessing.  Let us keep these in perspective and take responsibility for our actions.

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