Monday, November 7, 2011

It’s a Boy!

            Becoming a parent is one of the most intimidating experiences I have encountered to date.  There is so much responsibility needed for the proper care of a child.  We found out back in July that Kayla was pregnant…our first child was officially being formed!  Last Monday we found out that the baby is a boy.  This news came with much relief on my part because I grew up in a house full of boys (God bless our saintly mother) and knew somewhat how to handle them.  Of course, if he does half the things my brothers and I did, then Kayla will be bound for the crazy house as I am sure we almost did with my blessed mom. 
            It has been said before that one of the most important mission fields is your own home.  I am blessed to have parents and grandparents that prayed regularly about us growing up to find the LORD and find a mate that would help us get to heaven.  Saturday, October 29 marks the final answer to those prayers as Daniel marries Amber Wiginton.  Amber has amazing parents that prayed the same prayers for her.  My prayer for our baby boy is that he too grows up to find his heavenly father, trust in his son Jesus, and be sealed by his Holy Spirit so that we will one day all be reunited in eternal heaven. 
The most intimidating thing about becoming a parent is the responsibility of training children up in the way of the LORD.  This is so nerve-racking because I am certainly not a perfect person.  How am I qualified to help someone figure out Christianity when I do not even have it figured out myself?  Thankfully there is a loving father who teaches and guides his children on how to be better parents, not perfect parents.  The saying stands true in parenthood as it does anywhere else, “Practice what you preach.” 
To lead by example is what God the Father does for us through his son.  Jesus was the perfect example of a servant leader.  This type of leader certainly does not allow people to trample on him, but rather takes a stand for the truth and is willing to be killed for it.  That is the type of leadership I strive for and the kind I pray can be passed on and lived out better than I ever could.

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